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TheKingsNFT is a world`s first digital action artwork created by the digital artist sonicrare based in Europe. Driven by the philosophy and Metaverse DNA "power to the people", he created the
Metaverse constitution "WE, THE ARTISTS."
Inspired by this new digital movement of web 3.0 of to create this historical digital action art project is it, to make it everybody possible:

a) to become a real NFT digital artist by joining the collaborative digital artwork
b) entering this new and decentralized NFT art space
c) be part of the new metaverse and web 3.0 ecosystem

It is to enable everybody to enter digital art, the NFT-technology and to enter and experience the Metaverse by creating a mankind one-of-its-kind digital artwork for the world and beyond.

After selecting a free plot, the contributing crowdartist can uploud an own created digital image or animation artwork. This artwork will be part of the final TheKingsNFT digital action - & patchwork Artwork in the golden-frame.

Join monumental metaverse art history!



What is TheKingsNFT digital action artwork?

TheKingsNFT is a digital action art project, where everybody (established and new artists) can participate to become a digital artist. Participating crowd artists can upload an own created digital artwork (f.ex. painting, photo, animation, graphic) to the platform in one selected free plot. There are only 1.000 plots an artist can choose from to upload his piece of art to. After all 1.000 plots are filled with uploaded pieces of art by the participating digital crowd artists, the artist sonicrare may create one big final patchwork artwork "TheKingsNFT". This final TheKingsNFT, consisting of 1.000 single artworks, may be dropped on a big5 internet-art platform as an NFT sale. Possible NFT-Drop earnings will be contributed to all participating crowd artists in equal parts. Join now and - become a real digital artist - enter the metaverse - promote your art - promote your person as an artist or art brand - be a part of the metaverse and digital action art history - collect attention.

How can I participate and upload my artwork?

It’s very easy. You can be a part of the digital action artwork "TheKingsNFT", by uploading an own created digital artwork (painting, photo, animation, graphic) to one of you selected free plot.

What are my benefits of participating?

Your artwork will be published as part of 1.000 other artworks on the website in the "golden frame" and may appear in a world’s first metaverse art world (3D), where your art will be presented to a metaverse audience. Of course the artist may also publish their contributing digital art to their social media platforms to catch further attraction.

What is TheKingsNFT metaverse (3D)?

The "TheKingsNFT" metaverse is a digital world of art where all attending digital artworks will be published and presented to a worldwide metaverse audience. With participating, you will enter the metaverse and your artwork will become a real metaverse piece of art.

What is digital art?

Digital art often used synonymously with computer art, are in collective terms for art that is digitally produced with the computer. This could be in different formats, such as digital photos, videos, paintings or animation. NFT technology brought digital art to a new level as it is now possible for the first to digitally proof the ownership or authorship of digital files, even also for digital artworks itself. First time in history, the power of art can remain in the artists’, creators’ and people’s hand.

Why is this a digital action art?

Digital action art triggers reactions or feelings in the user and art-spectator. It includes digital happenings, digital surprises, sudden changes, multi-channel releases, or digital performances extended by media and performative digital expressions. In the digital world, the transitions between action and performance art are fluid and redefined. The artist sonicrare is one of the first digital action art artists. The combination of digital art with the technology of NFT, has made it possible for the first time to prove authorship and ownership of digital art and returning power to the artist and art collector alone. The digital action is "TheKingsNFT" is created to celebrate this revolution and to make digital art accessible to everyone.

Who is the creating artist sonicrare?

sonicrare is an anonymous metaverse and digital artist, who celebrates the new power of digital art and 3.0 artists. He is the father and creator of this digital action art project “TheKingsNFT” – More infos can be found under

What is the Metaverse / Web 3.0?

The metaverse, also called Web3.0, is the next access and experience of online content and the Internet. It is a consistent and persistent digital space created by the convergence of virtual, augmented and physical reality - including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the Internet. It is a hypothetical form of the Internet that allows content to be experienced through 3D virtual environments using traditional computers as well as virtual and augmented reality infrastructures. Simple is the next wonderful and stunning age and use case of the internet - and it is not something you should be afraid of - open your mind and dive into the world of the metaverse. :)

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